Progress Forward

The Beekay Group, headquartered in Siliguri, West Bengal has a diversified set of businesses under its portfolio. We deal in automobiles, automobile ancillaries, hotels, hospitality and real estate industries.

Beekay is today one of the most renowned brands in Siliguri and surrounding areas of North Bengal. At Beekay, we strongly believe that the customer deserves the best quality products and services. We also believe in partnering with the best and have partnered with companies like Tata Motors, Hero MotoCorp and Bosch which are the top brands in their fields.

We as a company are guided by our principles and our core values which are very important and valuable to us. Even though a lot of things have changed since we ventured into business 40+ years back, the values of the company have remained intact. Over the years, the Beekay group has touched hundreds of thousands of lives and served millions of customers.

Beekay group plans to further expand its footprint and has growth plans for the future which will take the group to new heights.

Visionaries at the Helm

Mr. Narendra C Garg, Managing Director, has helped the company shape its vision into possibilities. He is spearheading the company to newer heights by leveraging his growth mindset and progressive outlook. He has an aura of positivity around him which is clearly evident through his energy and enthusiasm. An avid follower of Swami Avdeshanandji Giri Maharaj, he is also spiritually inclined and believes that all human beings should try and evolve themselves and uplift themselves to become better and better each and every day.


Mr. Gopal K Garg, Executive Director, plans on taking the company to the next level by deploying technology and focusing on systems and processes. He feels lucky to have been given this opportunity to serve and create an impact. Through his analytical thinking and knack for spotting business opportunities, he plans on expanding the company portfolio further in the coming years. When not working, he enjoys spending time with family, listening to music and reading books. He is also fond of adventures like travelling and trekking.

The words of the visionary

Work for the prosperity of the society, provide services to people and look after your employees. If these are done perfectly, you will get profits over your investments as an automatically generated by-product. By misbehaving with customers, by cheating them and by resorting to unscrupulous means, you can earn some profit but the business would be short-lived.

-Mr. Yograj Garg

With God by my side, I have achieved success. But I would not stop working as in these days, I work not for myself or to earn more money but to contribute to the society and entire family of Beekay Group.

-Mr. Yograj Garg